Founded in 2006, LRVI FC is a community based football (soccer) club based on the beautiful islands of St. Thomas and St. John, US Virgin Islands. LRVI FC is officially a full member of the Us Virgin Island Soccer Association who is a member of Concacaf and FIFA.


 Castaways Mission Statement:

"To foster a community united by the love of soccer, empowering players of all ages and backgrounds to develop their skills, sportsmanship, and character. Through dedicated coaching, inclusive programs, and a commitment to excellence, we aim to promote the beautiful game, inspire teamwork, and contribute positively to the growth of soccer in the US Virgin Islands."



Castaways Vision Statement:

"Envision a future where our soccer club stands as a beacon of athletic achievement, sportsmanship, and community engagement in the US Virgin Islands. We strive to produce talented players who excel both on and off the field, embodying the values of discipline, respect, and teamwork. By providing top-notch training facilities, fostering a culture of inclusivity, and establishing strong partnerships, we aspire to elevate the standard of soccer in our region and create a legacy of excellence for generations to come."

Training is offered for boys, girls, men and women  ages 4 and up at Castaways Park, our own artificial turf field at Sapphire Beach. 

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